Adult Advent/Christmas Film Festival 2021


Film Festival!

The Power of Music in the Midst of Difficult Times

Video Viewing
You can either purchase the videos or watch them at church.
Videos will be available to watch on Sundays at Noon in Heritage Hall
(Note change of day/time/location).
(November 28, December 5, 12, 19)

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Tuesday Evenings at 7:00 (via Zoom)

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The theme for Advent this year focuses on the power of music in our lives and in the history of humanity. Song and singing together has always been a way that communities feel connected and empowered together. We certainly have been experiencing the loss of not making music together as a church for a while. So this theme will help us dive deeper into our appreciation of music and its role in our lives.

The films in this series were chosen because they tell powerful stories of people who were uplifted by music in very difficult times. Some are historic, some are current. All are relevant to the times in which we live.
Please note that these films are not suited for young children because they depict some very disturbing times in history or difficult lives.

We hope that our experience of these stories and our celebration of the power of music will remind us that we have a song to sing and we are called to sing and make sure everyone can as well!

Week 1 – Defiant Requiem – November 30th
Click to watch the trailer.
For more information, check out
Entire movie is Included with Amazon Prime video

Week 2 – Girls on the Wall – December 7th
Please be advised that this film has very strong language (not so much in the trailer). We encourage you to embrace the language as an act of deeper love and listening for greater understanding. Don’t dismiss too soon.
View Trailer at
Watch the entire movie:
Rent 1.99 on Amazon Prime Video
You can also check out the “Behind the Scenes”

Week 3 – Following the Ninth – December 14th
Check out the trailer at
You can watch the film in its entirety on the director’s YouTube channel

Week 4 – Sweet Honey In The Rock: Raise Your Voice! – December 21st
At this writing, we have not been able to find a movie trailer for but documentary but this YouTube video is a great introduction to this singing ensemble.
Rent the documentary for $1.99 on Amazon Video.

Week 5 – The Singing Revolution – December 28th
This YouTube video is a great introduction to this singing ensemble.

Rent the documentary for $1.99 on Amazon Video.