Disciples TREE

graphic of Disciples TREE logoInterested in becoming a better disciple of Jesus Christ?

Then Disciples TREE may very well be for you—whether youth or adult—particularly if you

  • desire to go deeper in your faith journey,
  • are a relative newcomer within this church family,
  • have never experienced being in a positive relationship with a spiritual mentor, or
  • want to improve your spiritual growth but simply can’t imagine adding another weekly meeting to your schedule.

Disciples TREE is for those who are interested in entering into a short-term relationship with a discipleship coach, a Class Leader who will train, remind, encourage, and engage them in the basics of discipleship—a balance between works of piety and mercy that regularly involve acts of compassion, justice, worship, and devotion—under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The Discipleship Leadership team welcomes you to sign up, using the form at the bottom of this page.

Rooted in Wesleyan Practice

In eighteenth-century England, Methodist societies grew and were sustained by a Wesley-created system of nurturing and growth in discipleship that involved bands (small groups of Christians who met regularly to give a report on their Christian activity to an assigned leader) and classes (larger groups of Christians who met periodically), for whom a mature disciple was responsible. In our congregation, the current Covenant Discipleship groups are comparable to Wesley’s bands. In an effort to extend the range of engagement of the congregation in the activity necessary for consistent growth in discipleship, Disciples TREE parallels Wesley’s classes.

How It Works

Each Class Leader will be assigned up to 12 people who have volunteered for Disciples TREE. There are no group meetings. Instead, the Class Leader will be responsible for coaching individuals one-on-one at least monthly by phone, email, social media, or in person. This “class-free” approach means that no regular weekly time commitment is necessary—just the desire to become better, more dependable disciples of Jesus Christ, supported by the loving concern and support of their faith community.

The senior pastor will, in turn, meet with Class Leaders quarterly to keep tabs on progress and (without breaking confidences) become aware of any issues that arise. This helps the pastor know more clearly the state of members’ spiritual and missional development. It also is an opportunity for the pastor to keep the Class Leaders informed about new programs and activities and share that information with those under their care within the Disciples TREE.

We chose the tree metaphor to illustrate this growing process. We all are rooted in and meant to be held together in Jesus (see John 15:1–8) and bear good fruit.

If you have questions about growth in discipleship through participation in Disciples TREE, contact Justin Pepper.

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