Covenant Discipleship groups

Covenant Discipleship logoLive more fully the Christian life to which you were called, through this Wesleyan model.

Covenant Discipleship is a modern adaptation of the original Methodist band meetings developed by John Wesley and his brother Charles, the purpose for which is mutual support for living as a disciple of Jesus Christ to the end that one can then disciple others (i.e., train others in discipleship). Groups (of up to seven persons) meet weekly for one hour. These groups promote a balance between works of piety and works of mercy, the balance necessary for a healthy (i.e., functional) Christian life in both personal and public expression.

photo of a small group meetingThe agenda for each meeting is a covenant written by the group and based upon the General Rule of Discipleship: to witness to Jesus Christ in the world and to follow his teachings through acts of compassionjusticeworship, and devotion under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

In their weekly meetings, members “watch over one another in love.” It is within such a loving, confidential environment that Covenant Discipleship groups help to form people as dependable and mature disciples of Jesus Christ and leaders in discipleship.

Who can join a group? Anyone who…

  • Seeks to live out his/her Christian life more fully
  • Is willing to commit him/herself to the Covenant Discipleship group process—to “watch over one another in love”
  • Wants to be held accountable for his/her discipleship in a non-judgmental way

Newark UMC provides an ongoing opportunity to join existing groups at any time during the year. Contact us if you’re interested in joining a group. Current groups of 4–7 individuals meet (some meet on-site, some off-site):

  • Sunday morning (8:00) – currently meeting outside in person off-site
  • Sunday evening (7:00) – currently meeting in person on-site
  • Monday afternoon (1:45) – currently meeting online via Zoom
  • Monday afternoon (2:00) – currently meeting in person off-site
  • Tuesday evening (7:15) – currently meeting online via Zoom
  • Wednesday morning (9:00) – currently meeting online via Zoom
  • Wednesday evening (7:00) – currently meeting online via Zoom
  • Friday early morning (7:00) – currently meeting online via Zoom

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