Summer Sunday school pilot program

Using the Power of the Son/Sun to Care for Creation

The new Sunday school format is scheduled for a pilot launch this summer (2016).  The summer’s creation care theme will capitalize on last year’s solar panels installation.

Additional information about the summer pilot program will be available in a few weeks.  At this point, here is what we can tell you:

1) It is likely necessary to separate children into two groups, although the exact age breakdown has not yet been determined.

2) The older group will be building model solar structures with renewable product features; this group also will be exploring some interesting new computer-driven technology to enhance their final product(s).

3) The younger group may be exploring nature-based conservation topics.

4) It is not clear how many weeks these projects will consume.  Another activity will fill in weeks as necessary.

5) For holiday Sundays (July 3rd and September 4th), there will be modified Sunday school experience available only for children entering Grades 2 and younger.  There will be no Sunday school experience offered on August 7th (Music Factory Sunday).  On holiday and special Sundays, Nursery will be available for children age three and under in Room 106.

Please check back to see if more information becomes available in the coming weeks.