Rev. Palmer’s post-Easter study

Two Weeks of exploring how we can
partner with God as followers of Christ.
Sundays, 12:15-1:45 pm

partners_with_God_LLCWe are made in God’s image and are meant to be partners with God as creators of life and hope. We have the ability to change the world and create a legacy that will live forever in the lives of generations to follow. That legacy starts when each of us answers the call of generosity. Generosity is at the heart of our God. Being generous is one way we partner with God. This study time is not designed to make you feel guilty, nor is it to say that you have to be exactly like this or that person. The goal is for all of us to ask questions of ourselves and be open to God’s desire to partner with us.

Please join us in Memorial Lounge on April 26th and May 3rd at 12:15  p.m.