Frequently asked questions: online giving

Is there a cost to the church or to the member for giving electronically?

If you set up a debit with your own bank, there is no cost to the church and usually not to the bank account.  You must do this directly or online with your bank, not through Vanco.

If you set up with our new Vanco Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) system, there is a charge of $.25 per transaction when coming directly from your checking account, which is paid by the church. If you charge it to a credit or debit card, there is a $.45 fee and 2.75% charge based on value of your gift (for every $100 given, there is a charge of $2.75 plus the $.45). There is an option for you to pay this fee directly to Vanco so that the church does not bear this cost.

There is also a small monthly charge to the church from Vanco for the link to our website.

How does this help our church?

When people give their contributions on a regular monthly or twice a month basis, it makes the income to the church more consistent and evenly distributed.  Currently we experience a significant slump in summer months, and then have to “catch up” until Christmas, when there is a sharp increase in giving in December. From January through about Palm Sunday, there is another small slump.  However, our bills for utilities, supplies, and payroll come in fairly evenly.  It is helpful if our monthly income matches our monthly expenses.

Electronic giving also helps when the weather causes us to close on a Sunday.  We often never make up the loss of one Sunday (in 2009 we had to close due to a snow storm and another year due to a hurricane), which results in significant budget deficits.

What about people putting their tithe on a credit/charge card?

One thing the Finance Team gave much thought to and wants to share is that our church would never want anyone to contribute through a credit card and not be able to pay their month-end bill in full (and avoid interest charges). There are a number of our members who wish to use credit because they earn points towards purchases/airfare. If this is an option you are thinking about, please be aware that the points earned are usually less value than the 2.75% fee for the charge.

What if I don’t want to go online to create a profile? Can I still have my account electronically debited using the Vanco EFT system?

You may use this downloadable print Authorization Form that you can complete and bring to the church with a voided check, and we can get you into the system using this information.

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What are all the options for making a contribution/tithe to the church?

  • Using the offering plate on Sunday mornings during worship
  • Mailing or personally delivering a check to the church office
  • Setting up with your bank to have your contribution mailed to the church
  • Using our online option by having your checking account debited or contributing by credit card
  • Donating stock that has appreciated (you receive credit for total amount of sale and you will not have to pay taxes on the capital gains)

In addition, you may give gifts through your will and as a beneficiary of insurance. It has been possible also to donate a portion of your IRA when you are 70½ years of age or older. Check with your financial advisor to see if that option is currently available.