Mindfulness Mondays – 1-11-2021

Mindful Monday: Self-love Practice

January 11, 2021

Today we will resume Mindful Mondays for the month of January and then see if it is helpful or desired and reassess

As we begin this new year, still experiencing Covid-19 restrictions, and more, I invite you  to consider this unique time an opportunity to consistently dedicate a little time and space for reflection, for diving deeper into some moments of quiet time to notice what really matters, to cultivate a more authentic and richer life, a life that honors your truth.  I invite you to settle into the breath and notice, taking a little inventory of just how you are, in this moment, body, thoughts and emotions and allow whatever shows up to be just as it is, no judgement.  As you pay attention and stay with it, you may also notice a resource or resources bubbling up within you that already help you along the way, courage, faith, gratitude, or openness, or whatever.  Take a moment to notice and name one or two of these as well.  Sometimes a warm wave of gratitude accompanies this knowing.

Before we move into the meditation today, a meditation around self-love, slowly read this poem from Danna Faulds.  Perhaps it will open your heart space to some weight you could experiment with just putting down as we begin 2021, something that simply just doesn’t serve. Just consider this an experiment.

Whatever Doesn’t Serve

What weight can you
put down right now,
willingly relinquishing
the pointed quills of
guilt or judgment?

What burden of the heart
can lift, what dark corner
can be lit, the candle
flickering at first, then
burning bright?

With the next breath,
let it go, that old story
you’ve told yourself
a million times.

Whatever doesn’t serve
you on this path of truth,
leave it behind. Offer
this one gift: the simple
sacrifice that in the giving
sets you free to fully live.

By Danna Faulds

Mindful Meditation, Self-Love Practice (Click this link.)

This meditation around self-love is by Yoga teacher, Adriene on You Tube and her version.  Self-love is at the heart of being able to extend love outward into the world and a beautiful place to revisit as we begin a new year.