Become a Member of Newark United Methodist Church

The best way to experience the depth of Christian community here at Newark United Methodist Church is to become involved. Take advantage of the many opportunities to explore Christian life with our community of faith.

What It Means to Be a Member

Being a member of the church is not required for most aspects of life at NUMC. Joining as a member demonstrates your commitment to our church and community. 

Membership is free and includes the following benefits:


  • The ability to sit on certain committees. If you are interested in taking a more active role in leadership within the church, you’ll need to be a member.
  • Early preschool application before it opens up to the public.
  • Discounts on rental space (Sanctuary, Heritage Hall, Dining Room/Kitchen).

How to Become a Member

We welcome your interest in formal membership within the faith community that is Newark United Methodist Church. In order to join, we will work with you so that you meet the following requirements:


You must be baptized, either from a previous ceremony or at one of our worship services prior to becoming a member.

New-Member Classes

Typically led by the pastor, these classes will familiarize you with our church and many of its facets.

A week or two after the last new-member class, you will officially join the church during a worship service.

I’m Ready to Become a Member!