GREEN Team raises support for African schoolgirl

logo of Water is Life KenyaJoyce Tannian, the founder of Water is Life – Kenya, came home to Newark in time to spend Christmas with her family. The GREEN Team had contacted her last spring in hopes of sponsoring a Kenyan in need. She introduced the team to a Kenyan girl named Nkonin by meeting with the team and showing pictures of her village and the school she hoped to attend.  Our GREEN Team pledged to raise enough money to pay for her school tuition.

photo of Joyce Tannian receiving GREEN Team gift from Dave TimmonsIn September, the GREEN Team asked this congregation, to help us raise money by playing a “Penny Wars” game—the Alphas vs. the Omegas—in a friendly game of oneupsmanship with currency. The Omegas were the victors, but it seems everyone benefitted, and none more than Nkonin. It is through this church’s generosity that the team reached its goal of $600. On Sunday, December 21, GREEN Team co-leader Dave Timmons presented Joyce with a check for $600 to take back to Kenya for Nkonin.

Thank you, Newark United Methodist Church family, for all your help, and thanks to Joyce Tannian for providing the GREEN Team this opportunity to support Nkonin in her education.

We would like to continue supporting her, as another tuition bill will arise next year.

—post written by GREEN Team co-leader Diane Smith