We welcome your interest in formal membership within the faith community that is Newark United Methodist Church.

New-member classes are held at least twice a year or additionally if there is a critical number to form a class. These new-member classes, typically led by the pastor, will familiarize you with our church and many of its facets.

Note: Youth typically attend a series of Confirmation classes prior to their making the decision to join the church.

A week or two after the last new-member class, one officially joins the church either through

  • transfer from another denomination
  • transfer from another United Methodist congregation
  • affirmation of faith

The most important requisite for joining a United Methodist Church is that one must first be baptized. No problem, though, if you haven’t yet been baptized. The clergy will be more than happy to baptize you during one of the worship services prior to your taking your vows of membership. Because we believe that these are corporate acts, both baptism and joining the congregation as a “member” occur in the context of one of the worship services, usually your choice of which service.

When they join, those becoming members make a public declaration and are expected to “be loyal to Christ through The United Methodist Church, …do all in [their] power to strengthen its ministries, and faithfully participate in its ministries by [their] prayers, …presence, …gifts, …service, …and witness.”

Contact us and let us know of your intention.

Non-members (this includes anyone who does not currently have an official relationship with this congregation as a “member” through confirmation, membership transfer from another congregation, or affirmation of faith) are welcome to participate in most all facets of the life of our church.