Get involved!

Don’t just come to worship on Sunday morning. The best way to experience the depth of Christian community here at Newark United Methodist Church (or at any faith community, for that matter) is to become involved.

photo of Crucifer bringing forward the cross of ChristAttending worship on Sunday morning (or when offered during the week) is, of course, part of the corporate nature of who we are as a faith community, and we recommend you never miss a Sunday. You’ll meet more people and make more friends more quickly the more often you are present. But that’s just the beginning.

One’s journey with Christ is a lifetime trip; therefore, learning shouldn’t end at high school graduation. Take advantage of the many opportunities for exploring facets of the Christian life in a cooperative group with others so inclined.

Look for ways to help. Learn what your spiritual gifts are and them put them to good use. You may be surprised to find out what God can do through you if you are willing to serve. There is always a lot going on within the life of this church, so opportunities await.

Don’t see something going on within Newark United Methodist Church for which you have a particular passion? Maybe you can help get something started here that will supplement those activities and ministries that are already in place. Talk with one of the church’s Lay Leaders or speak with one of the pastors about your passion.

Interested in formal membership within this church family? Ask one of the pastors about when the next new member classes will be held. Also see the What we expect of you page.

You will help this congregation become even stronger through your active participation!