For college students

logo of the Wesley Foundation Campus MinistryBecause our facility is adjacent to the sprawling University of Delaware (UD) campus and because Methodists have a long tradition of support for education (founding father John Wesley deemed education a critical component of wholeness as a child of God), we host the United Methodist student fellowship—the Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry—for University of Delaware students.


Wesley Mission Trip 2017

Wesley hosts Bible study, small discussion groups, a prayer service, and other events throughout the week (as well as providing a student lounge that is open to students any time our building is open) to help UD students grow their faith and create lifelong friendships. The ministry also deeply values service. Students help out at various church and community events and embark on a weeklong mission trip over UD’s spring break each year. If you are a current or prospective University of Delaware student or parent thereof, we encourage you to check out our church!

Wesley Banquet Group