Time to Fan the Flame!

Here are a few things to remember for the beginning of the program year:

  • Preschool for this year will consist of three- and four-year-olds.  They will be in room 217.
  • We’ll begin this year on September 17th with a Bible prep/refresher for all Pre K-3rd grades, but in two separate classrooms (Pre K-2 and 3-4).  Children will be released to their workshop locations following the Children’s Message near the beginning of the 9:30 service.
  • Children in grade 5-6 will be participating in our new Chat ‘N Chew program in Room 106.  Children will be released to their chat session location following the Children’s Message near the beginning of the 9:30 service.
  • Under normal circumstances, workshops will be held in Room 212 and 213; on occasion, we may need to utilize the downstairs kitchen or dining room for all or part of a session.
  • Please pay attention to any signage you may encounter when entering the building each Sunday.  These signs are designed to give you the most up-to-date information about workshop and pick-up locations, etc.
  • Registrations will be taken in person on the first week your child attends a workshop, OR you may register your child(ren) online using the link on the church website’s Children’s Christian education page.

Adult leaders continue to be needed in the Education and Spiritual Formation program.  As always, we welcome frequent participation by parents, while also trying to be sensitive to your own worship and spiritual formation needs.  It would be especially wonderful if more adults who are not parents of current students would come forward to serve occasionally within this ministry.  The Christian Education Team actively is seeking adults who are willing to take a break from their normal Sunday routine once a month, or even once every five to six weeks, to spend just an hour (or less) with our young disciples.

The Christian Education Team envisions the young people within our walls each Sunday like individual matches inside a matchbook.  If this church is to be a light to the world, as we are called to be, we need to ignite the faith in these little matches in a way that will Fan the Flame and spread God’s love not only to those who stand near them, but out into the community and beyond. We’re hoping that more and more of our membership will take the opportunity to help ignite and nurture faith in our youngsters, who are the church of tomorrow.

Please note that the GREEN Team will meet in Room 104 at 11 a.m. on the second and fourth Sundays, beginning September 10th.