Mindfulness Monday 1-18-2021

Mindful Monday’s January 18, 2021 Opening to the Good, True, and Beautiful   I apologize for the glitch in the link to my meditation last week. Hopefully you were able to open the YouTube link to the meditation by Adrien that I had referenced and that Lisa...

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Mindfulness Mondays – 1-11-2021

Mindful Monday: Self-love Practice January 11, 2021 Today we will resume Mindful Mondays for the month of January and then see if it is helpful or desired and reassess As we begin this new year, still experiencing Covid-19 restrictions, and more, I invite you  to...

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Leadership Institute Video Descriptions

Leadership Institute Library of Courses Church of the Resurrection Leawood, Kansas  Please read the descriptions of each video, then visit our survey to let us know what videos you are interested in. Survey Impactful Leadership The Five Essential Practices of...

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