Celebrations are a cornerstone of our faith journeys. Send us a message if you are looking for more information.


We affirm the sanctity of the marriage covenant that is expressed in love, mutual support, personal commitment, and shared fidelity between equal partners. Couples wishing to be married in our church should plan to inquire at least 6 months in advance to begin planning and scheduling pre-marital counseling.


Baptism is a symbol of new life and a sign of God’s love and forgiveness of our sins. We baptize by sprinkling and accept persons of any age for baptism.

Memorials/Celebrations of Life

The loss of a loved one is usually a difficult time, especially for the family of the deceased. It is during these times that it’s important to celebrate the life of the person who has died but also to come together as a community for mutual comfort and be reminded that in resurrection, Jesus conquered death.