Taizé (contemplative worship)

photo of candles on tableNewark United Methodist Church offers worship in the tradition of Taizé (pronounced tah-ZAY) seasonally—every Wednesday at 7 p.m. during Advent and Lentin the Chapel (on the main level at the Main Street end of our facility).

Taizé is named for the village where, in 1940 during the darkest days of World War II, a number of monks under the leadership of Brother Roger came together to pray for peace and provide shelter for refugees. Since its inception, the Taizé community has emphasized reconciliation among Christians, evident today in the large number of Catholics and Protestants from more than 25 countries who the town their spiritual home.

Over the years, a particular style of worship has emerged from this ecumenical community and is now being practiced worldwide. Meditative music, scripture readings, and silence set the tone for the contemplative service. Candles and icons often decorate the worship space to add to the sensory experience.

As part of the Taizé service, Newark United Methodist Church offers the option of anointing with oil for the healing of body, mind, or spirit for one’s self or for others in our prayers—an ancient practice revived in the Taizé community and elsewhere.

We invite all to come and spend a quiet hour with us, experiencing worship in the style of Taizé. To learn more about the fascinating Taizé community, visit the official Taizé community website.