Bunting Library Post 3

A Peek in the Pages: Bunting Library Blog #3

Welcome, readers! This is the third in a series of blogs that will show you just what the Bunting Library has to offer you. On our list today is…

By Carl Hiaasen

After moving halfway across America, middle school student Roy Eberhardt has trouble adjusting to his new environment and the new kids he meets. Ultimately, however, he must band together with others his age to prevent a colony of burrowing owls from being killed by the construction of a pancake house. Below is a series of reviews for this book:

Review #1: T. Fagen (5 stars, source Amazon.com)

I read this book with my 9 year old for our mother daughter book club. It was a great read. My 6 year old son even joined us. It was suspenseful and exciting.


Review #2: tchrreader (5 stars, source Barnesandnoble.com)

This is a great book and a fun story to read. It should be in every classroom and children should read this one snuggled up in bed at night. There are great characters and a fun story line. It shows you that even children can have opinions and make a difference! The baby owls will be killed because of the construction that is moving in to make a pancake house. How will the community, specifically the kids help these small helpless creatures. This is a book that you don’t want to miss. The movie is good, the book is better.


Review #3: Nina (4 stars, source Goodreads.com)

Funny. Silly. This is not brilliant writing, but that’s a good thing. Hiaasen makes good points, some good jokes (and some cheesy ones, too), and provides a lot of fun with some serious environmentalism, and we know we need both. Good read.


Review #4: ReadingReview.com (excerpt, 9/10)

If you are looking for a fun story that all young readers will love, Hoot by Carl Hiaasen is the book for you. Hoot is a story about some kids that need to stop the killing of some burrowing owls for the sake of progress. The pace of the book is very quick and young readers will find the characters to be irresistible.


Review #5: Commonsensemedia.org (4 stars)

Parents need to know that Carl Hiassen‘s Hoot was selected as a Newbery Honor Book for 2003. There’s some mild violence and swearing here, and adults are mostly portrayed negatively. The kid heroes sometimes lie and cut school for a good cause: saving rare and endangered burrowing owls.