Bunting Library blog post 2

A Peek in the Pages
Bunting Library blog post 2

Welcome, readers! This is the second in a series of blog posts that will give you an inside look at some of the books the Bunting Library has to offer. This month’s selection is…bunting_blog2101 Questions Children Ask About God

By David R. Veerman

Faith can sometimes be hard to understand, even for an adult. A young child may have even more trouble wrapping their minds around the ways that God works, but this book provides a helpful list of simple answers that are easy to both explain and understand. Below is a series of reviews for this book:

Review #1: DMFOhio (source Amazon.com, rated 5 stars)

This book is a wonderful source for creative answers to those difficult questions like “How can God be three people in one?” The answers are relatively short, and explain difficult things in an easily understood way. A must have for all Christian parents!

Review #2: Tesa Fiona (source Goodreads.com, rated 4 stars)

So, my dad was taking shortcut. This book has two main advantages for parents:
1. to teach their children to understand and love God
2. not to bother with them asking.

But as a child, I enjoyed this so much, the graphics was cool and the answers were clear. Thanks dad!

Review #3: Anonymous (source Barnesandnoble.com, rated 5 stars)

An extrelemly helpful book for kids who have a ton of questions regarding the God of the Bible. Plus parents, you to will learn things you never knew you never knew. Excellent

Review #4: Anonymous (source Thriftbooks.com, rated 5 stars)

I and my nine year old daughter found this book to be very helpful in answering everyday questions that the traditional bible doesn’t answer for children. The format is easy to read for children and the cartoons are a fun way to help them (and me!) to relate and remember the question and answer. Definately a winner for those who are seeking and want answers and for those who did not expect such unique questions from their children! A wonderful learning experience for parent and child.

Review #5: Joan W./justreadingabook (source Paperbackswaps.com, rated 4 stars)

Gives good, easy to explain answers to questions that kids will ask. Easy to understand and you can expand on the answer depending on the age. Very good book.