Children & Youth Sunday School

January 17, 2021

Please see our virtual classroom below the video.

Hi Friends!

Happy New Year!

If only we could really get to know the people behind our favorite YouTube channels! The ability to “subscribe now” gives people the impression that connection is that easy. But connection takes a bit more effort, it takes following and learning from those we want to know. Kids look for places of belonging, places where forgiveness exists, places where they can experience a genuine connection. The Gospels teach us that places like these exist. In these stories kids learn that we can know God through Jesuswe can know forgiveness because of Jesus, that Jesus knows us and wants us to follow himThe message of Jesus is powerful and something we can subscribe to!

Join our virtual classrooms! January 17, 2021

Preschool Classroom

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Youth Group Sunday Hangout

Our Zoom chats continue on Sundays at 11:00 am. Please email for the Zoom link.

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