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Fan the Flame student newsletter

2016-2017 Fan the Flame Sunday school on-line registration

2016-17 Fan the Flame Sunday school printable registration formPlease return your completed paper form to the Christian Education office (Room 110).

The Children and Family Ministries team oversees Education and Spiritual Formation activities and curriculum for the church’s young disciples, through grade six.  Please see this page for more information on the changes in this year’s program.

  • The Toddlers/Twos (Nursery) class emphasizes social skills from a “golden rule” perspective as children have an opportunity to play and snack together (Room 106).
  • Preschool Threes and Fours use a modified rotation model on the same or similar theme as the grade-level classes (NEW LOCATION – Room 217); use the same online registration form as for the grade-level students, or use the link at the top of the page to print, complete, and return a paper form.
  • Children in grades K through 6 experience learning centers and/or rotation workshops* based on Bible story themes through the program year.  Register here or use the link at the top of the page to print, complete, and return a paper form.
  • *See special note for Grade 3 students, below.

Parents Can Help

Parental help is essential to the this new Sunday school model, both in the Preschool class and in the grade -level workshops. Preschool Threes and Fours parents can choose to be helpers or leaders for the preschool classroom.

Parents most often act as “guides”—i.e., escorting children to their workshop locations, recording names on the attendance sheet, and helping children with the day’s activity where appropriate. Some parents also act as workshop leaders for particular subject-area workshops. A schedule of parent helpers/leaders is distributed, based on feedback from parents on their availability, the week before the beginning of each multi-week unit.  Each first Sunday (except around Palm and Easter Sundays) are All-Worship weeks, when children in grades three and above have the opportunity to experience a complete worship service.  Children age 4 through Grade 2 may choose to attend a childcare classroom after the Children’s message or anthem, where Bible-based puzzles, crafts, games, and/or videos may be presented.  Children age 3 and younger are invited to attend the Nursery class in Room 106 during All-Worship Sundays.

Ideally, one leader would be in place through an entire four-week unit, but many parents and non-parent teachers have schedules that will not allow for this. We are happy to have any time that parents can give by serving in this program to benefit our youngest disciples.

*Note: Children entering Grade 3 in the fall will have the opportunity to receive their official church Bible by completing specific learning tasks during the first program unit (September 11th through October 9th).  During this time, Grade 3 students should report directly to their workshop location at 9:30 a.m. each Sunday, until/unless directed otherwise.  All other students will be released to their workshop locations following the Children’s Message or anthem.   The date for Bible Sunday is TBD, but there will be a mandatory rehearsal held at 9:30 a.m. on the week this event is scheduled.  Following the rehearsal, students are presented their Bibles during an 11 a.m. worship service.  After Bible Sunday, the Grade 3 students will be released to their workshop locations with the rest of the grade-level students after each Sunday’s Children’s Message or anthem.  

Register here for the Bible Preparation class and to receive a Bible from Newark UMC (link not yet available).